Passover Plague Bowling Game By Copa Judaica

Passover Plague Bowling Game By Copa Judaica

Copa Judaica
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  • Passover Plagues Bowling Set

  • Each Pin Represents One of The Ten Passover Plagues, Including Frogs, Blood, Wild Animals etc.

  • Numbered Based on the Order of the Plagues

  • Includes Ten Wooden Bowling Pins and Two Balls

  • Each Pin is 4 in Height

Have some interactive family fun at Passover. Teach the children. Perk up the most distracted guest at your Passover table. Punctuate the recitation of the 10 plagues by setting out on your table -one by one- the ten little bowling pins plagues in this set. Each of the ten pins symbolizes one of the plagues. Hail, Blood, Vermin, Boils, Locusts, Beasts, Darkness, Frogs, Diseased Cattle and the Death of the Firstborn - all are sensitively depicted so as not to frighten the youngest children. After the ceremony, move the Passover Ten Pins Bowling Game to the floor and have more family fun. Two sturdy wooden bowling balls are included. Pins and balls store neatly in a mesh bag. Handcrafted and handpainted. The Passover ten plague bowling game is a great way to learn and teach the story of Passover. Features ten pins representing the ten plagues. They are numbered in the order of the plagues form one through ten. The game can be played on either the floor or table. Great for all ages.