No Soliciting Sign-Flower

No Soliciting Sign-Flower

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  • Keep unwanted solicitors away. No Soliciting Sign. To find our other No Soliciting signs click on shipped by All About Signs 2 then do a search for No Soliciting signs

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  • Dimensions: 3 by 7 by 1/2 thick

  • Made in the USA by us.

  • Color : pink

This sign measures 3 inches by 7 inches by 1/2 inch. It is made of natural pine; real wood. The finish is lightly painted enamel so the grain in the wood can show through. Each has it's own unique character because of the grain in the wood and the hand painted rose but the wording is still the same. This is not a huge sign but big enough to get your point across. You can find more of our products by clicking above on (ships by ALL ABOUT SIGNS 2). We are usually listed in the categories of Automotive, Home and Garden and Everything Else.