Mod Freakz Console And Controller Vinyl Skin Set - Stolen Car Game For Xbox One

Mod Freakz Console And Controller Vinyl Skin Set - Stolen Car Game For Xbox One

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  • 90 day money back guarantee.

  • ModfreakzTM brand skins are made from the highest quality, full color, bubble-free, removable vinyl.

  • Will not scratch, fade (uv resistant), or peel; easy to install and remove with no sticky residue. See application instructions below in product description.

  • Precision cut to fit microsoft's xbox one console, kinect, and wireless controllers; provides easy access to buttons, controls and connectors.

  • ModfreakzTM is an official trademark and donaldson's is the only authorized seller of modfreakzTM branded products.

Update your system today with MODFREAKZTM custom skins! Each set includes 1 Xbox One console skin, 1 Kinect skin, and 2 Day One Edition controller skins (gaming system not included)

MODFREAKZTM has the hottest new decals for your Microsoft Xbox One gaming system. These skins are made with a quality vinyl that no other gaming skin company can match. Our society is getting more and more technical, and the need to stand out from the rest is crucial. MODFREAKZTM is here to help with the newest trends for your digital style.

Easy installation guide:

1. Clean the surface of your device with isopropyl alcohol. This ensures that there is no dust and oil, and will allow the adhesive to properly bond.

2. Be sure the skin is not cold before you begin. This will cause the skin to be brittle and hard to work with, and may even shrink the decal. If necessary, use a blow dryer on the lowest heat setting to warm it and make it more malleable, being careful not to overheat and warp the sticker.

3. Once the skin is applied, use a squeegee or flat item like a credit card to gently and smoothly press the skin onto the surface. Start in the middle of the shortest edge and run all the way down the center to the opposite edge. Continue pushing the skin onto the console in straight lines running parallel to the longest side of console. Work from the center out to avoid bubbles.