Mehron Makeup Paradise Aq Detailz Silver

Mehron Makeup Paradise Aq Detailz Silver

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  • Each 0.17 ounce (5 ml) Paradise Silver Detailz bottle can make hundreds of dots or last for dozens of applications, depending how much is used each time

  • Perfect for intricate details, dots and lines

  • Each bottle of Detailz comes with its own applicator

  • Detailz is a concentrated liquid face paint and can be used as an eyeliner

  • Easy to apply, easy to remove, just use soap and water

  • Color : Silver

  • Size : One Size

Mehron's Paradise Detailz liquid face paint is the product to use for fine lines and intricate details. It is concentrated liquid makeup in a little bottle and it comes with its own applicator, like fingernail polish. Detailz is an accent to Paradise Makeup AQ--use it to make dots, spots, lines, swirls and so on, like a calligraphy pen, it has hundreds of applications. It also works well as an eyeliner. Like all of Paradise AQ face paints, Detailz is easy to apply and easy to remove. It is water based and comes off with soap and water. Paradise Detailz comes in a 5 ml (0.17) ounce size.