Grizzly Bear Cub
Grizzly Bear Cub

Grizzly Bear Cub

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  • 1 in L x 2.6 in W x 1.6 in H

  • Fun Fact: To prepare for hibernation, grizzly bears gain hundreds of pounds.

  • Zoological Name: Ursus arctos

  • Conservation Status: Least concern (LC)

  • Primary Habitat: Mountains and Forest

From coats of blond, brown, red or gray, these bears know how to make a statement. Aggressive and protective, grizzlies often feel threatened and live alone. They do congregate by bodies of water at times. Standing at eight feet tall and weighing one thousand pounds, grizzly bears are powerful, with a large hump on their shoulders and extremely strong hind legs. Grizzly bears can reach speeds of thirty five miles per hour when running. As omnivores, these bears feed on fish, plants, and large mammals such as moose, deer and black bears. Grizzly bears are also known for being scavengers, stealing food from wolves and humans.