Disney Toy Story Hamm Plush 7 Inches

Disney Toy Story Hamm Plush 7 Inches

Disney Interactive Studios
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  • Disney Toy Story 3 from (Toy Story 3) piggy bank HAMM pig is stuffed of (ham).

  • It is a pretty figure anything goes piggy bank HAMM pig often talkative somewhat knowledgeable to stuffed but is (ham) in Toy Story.

  • Those that mimic the cap to issue the money has been sewn in the stomach and a portion that mimics a hole to put the money in the embroidered on the back.

  • You can not be a piggy bank to put the money actually because it is stuffed.

  • Size: about 18cm length about 8cm (7 ) x width

Of (piggy bank Hamm / pig) Toy Story 3 HAMM 7 (about 18cm) Plush Doll (US Disney Store Limited Edition)