Double Blade Light Saber By Blinkee

Double Blade Light Saber By Blinkee

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Camping out all night for tickets, it's dark You won't always have bright lights from the park With our light sabers you won't have to bother And don't worry, Luke, I am NOT your father. You don't have to cry, you don't need a tissue With our blinking light sbers, the force will be with you We retrofitted two of the of the standard blue light sabers into one giant impressive staff. These look like replicas of your favorite science fiction villains' sabers. Everyone around you will be amazed by the output of light. Double Blade Light Saber measures 52 inches in length (4 ft 4 in) Use 6 total AAA batteries - included and replaceable. Packaged Individually. ; ; ; ; Double Blade Light Saber by Blinkee All Products, Blue, Flashing Blinking Toys, Light Up Swords, Sabers & More, May the Fourth be with You