Minifigurepacks: Lego Fanatsy Era Castle Troll With Club

Minifigurepacks: Lego Fanatsy Era Castle Troll With Club

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  • Released in 2008 in the Dwarves Mine Set #7036

  • Dark Tan Troll with Club

  • Includes Everything Shown

The trolls are in possession of an extensive array of siege engines and even a large ship. There are two versions of trolls: the smaller minifigure-sized ones and the bigger trolls that are made from special pieces. They are armed with pitted scimitars and carry rectangular shields. Their helmet design is unique. The logo of the trolls is an elongated skull that appears on their flags and on their shields, as well as on the sails of their ship. The trolls's main adversaries are the Crown Knights and the Dwarves. They were hired by the Evil Wizard to help attack the Crown Knights. They were employed as foot soldiers. In return, they got the King's gold. The Crown Knights don't know this. The trolls started to attack the Crown Knights about a year after the attack of the skeletons. Trolls are cowards (unless accompanied by a big troll warrior) and are not too bright, but they are really strong. The giant trolls are even stronger, but even less bright. They've also been known to attack their own warriors. These warriors can take a few more wounds before going down. Troll Warriors and a green Giant Troll appeared in the animated LEGO DVD The Adventures of Clutch Powers. The normal-sized Trolls are evil, but a giant Troll known as, Hogar the Troll, serves the King because of what the previous king did for him.